Monday, April 18, 2016

  The Totan Way 

Invites you...

#hallbeach youth /  #attiwapiskat youth

To our Official Casting Call!

Audition now on Facebook


 Casting  call...

The Totan Way

Dakota House


Mark Totan 


 My name is Laura Curtiss.


I am the Shreditor 
For The Totan Way
A Film about the life of the
world famous
Inuit Carver Mark Totan.

I didn't want you to have to wait
even one more day 
to think about the possibilities
of this offer...
Mark, Dakota and I are inviting all 
 to send video auditions to...





Tell me stories, songs, 
or just your feelings today
auditions can be as long or short as you like.
Just audio or video,  you choose.
This call is for voice acting
Show the world 
your undying spirits and strength.


2/   Parental consent required

(if your audio/video is selected)

 sent to:  

Surprise Note:

Dakota House, Scott Ward and Shy-anne Hovorka

have put together a campaign on GoFundMe
to visit #Attawapiskat
and offer their hope and strength to the community 
and we will help! 
sharing the links on this page through 
social media will help us all get there faster.
This is Dakota's link...


All videos sent 
will remain 
the property of the sender.
This is a Independent Production

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

These images are of the most surreal clouds I have ever seen...
can anyone tell me in the comments at the bottom of the page what I am looking at here?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Santa Daze

Man do I ever LOVE VERN's Fireworks!

Thank you Vern Spady & The Alliance Legion

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Vanity Abstracts

Vanity Abstracts

By Curtiss Photography